Letra de I wish

Silent Fall

Letra de I wish de Silent Fall
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( Silent Fall )

I´m walking in the streets
Around me there are no souls
Everything seems to sleep
In this life I want (to) leave
I´m walking in the streets escaping to my fears
Why is no one able to look at me?

I can see the gladness in their eyes full of fantasy
I would give everything to have a peace of this dream

And I wish a world where someone would
Take care of me
Giving me some love and a reason to live
Where the people could look in my eyes
Without scorn or hatred
Dreams can be true you just have to believe
so I wish

I´m walking in the streets avoiding the walkers
Lost in thoughts they can´t see a child who´s suffering
I´m walking in the streets but I have the feeling
My life is a tunnel without an exit sign

I´m walking in this world which didn´t adopt me
One soul among a crowd, however so lonely
I´m walking all alone on the way straight ahead
Leaving the past behind, now it´s time to react

And I´ll ride to their world full of fantasy
Even if I have to climb some hills
And one day I´ll find my own destiny
Until this day I won´t stop to believe, I will wish