Letra de Tears of fate

Silent Fall

Letra de Tears of fate de Silent Fall
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( Silent Fall )

Everyone has already dreamed
We could change everything
As if the point of no return
Had never been reached
But there´s one rule noone can break
Even the masters of Hell
The fourth dimension will ever be straight line

Just one way
Don´t gaze what is behind
Your solace
Will not be in the past
In the future, just believe
Time will be your best cure

Tears of Fate
´Cause the past has gone
Without letting a chance of return
Look ahead now
Better time will come
What is done is done
You don´t have to cry
These tears of Fate

Thousands of destinies
That events everyday build
Is your own path as heavenly
As your buried wish?
Don´t be afraid of your mistakes
They are a part of human race
Just learn of them and next time don´t do it again

Do you still want a time machine?
Be as a god and all rebuild
You could me master of Earth
All change as you will
But if one thing had been altered
Consequences may be disastrous
If I were you I wouldn´t take the risk