Letra de Never gonna let you go

Sergio Mendes

Letra de Never gonna let you go de Sergio Mendes
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( Sergio Mendes )

Never gonna let you gosergio mendes i was as wrong as i could beto let you get away from mei'll regret that movefor as long as i'm livin' but now that i've come to see the lightall i wanna do is make things rightso just say the wordand tell me that i'm forgivenyou and mewe're gonna be better than we were beforei loved you then but now i intendto open up and love you even morethis time you can be surechorus:i'm never gonna let you goi'm gonna hold you in my arms forevergonna try and make up for all the timesi hurt you so gonna hold your body close to minefrom this day on we're gonna be togetheroh i swear this timei'm never gonna let you go looking back nowit seems so cleari had it all when you were hereoh you gave it alland i took it for granted but if there's some feeling left in yousome flickers of lovethat still shines throughlet's talk it outlet's talk about second chances wait and seeit's gonna be sweeter than it was beforei gave some then but now i intendto dedicate myself to giving morethis time you can be sure (chorus) oh..so if you'll just sayyou want me too...