Letra de Yes, yes y?all

Sergio Mendes

Letra de Yes, yes y?all de Sergio Mendes
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( Sergio Mendes )

Yeah (x7)

"yes y´all, yes y´all, yes y´all (x3)
Freak y´all, freak y´all (x2)
To the beats y´all, beats y´all (x2)
And you don´t stop, and you don´t quit" (x2)

Verse 1: (blackthought of the roots)

"yo, black´s the real, he the thoroughbred for feel
Park the whip, jump out dressed to kill
Hop the charter flight down to brazil
Ran right into will- "what up black?" (what´s the deal?)
A cape with a cain, you what´s in a name...
I got a little bit of change, but i´m feelin the same
Came here for a taste of the finer things
Because the girls look like different months in a magazine
Judging how fast the word go, the probably already know we hang with sergio
So, let´s get a few classy girls yo,
And sip a little wine, anything but merlot
Though, live and let learn, use "protekchurn"
And twist a little something that´s katherine hepburn
Fresh to death, still makin them heads turn
Still got mine, but you got to get churn

"know what i´m talkin about?
There it is... (there it is!!)"

Chorus (condensed)

Verse 2: (will.i.am of black eyed peas)

"it´s the will.i.am, i´m killin them
Got flows that float just like helium (aahh)
These hoes know i´m drillin ´em
So when feminine´s thrown i´m throwin them (aahh)
The billin ´em til i´m rollin in millions
Gotta flip billions into trillions
Businessly, i´m brilliant
Turn pennies into twenties like the chameleons
But never put a chinchilla on a chick,
Karma-style (?) too legit to quit
Hip-hop on and on and on and
Break mics constant til the break of dawn and
If you want to compete, come compete
Bring and mpc-16, make a big beat
We could take it back to the b-street
We could break, we could rap, do the graffitti


Chorus (condensed)

Verse 3: (chali 2na of jurassic 5)

"hey! 2na fish back to business
I hit the track like a sheer act of vengeance
Masked avengers get smacked and injured
Strapped´ll get cho´ back with some black suspenders
Autographs of the jurassc crew
Flippin flashes so fast like a fashion shoot
Classics, spittin acid the fastest route,
Bass´ll hit yo face quicker than a passion fruit
Big cheese inflict sick disease
Make hits that´ll make thick chicks strip tease
Clicks freeze when the trigger click squeeze
Makin people in the disco duck like riq jeeves
But i ain´t going to war wit ch´all
And got no alcoholic beverages to pour for y´all
I´m gonna let these cats get there garbage off
While i crush y´all like mikhail gorbachev..."know what i´m talkin´ bout..yeah


Chorus (condensed)

Girl: "ooooohhhh, oooooohhhh"

Chorus: (guy and girl)

Girl: "don´t you stop, don´t you stop
Don´t you ever quit" (variations)

"la la la la la la´s"