Letra de The kitchen kreeps


Letra de The kitchen kreeps de S.n.f.u
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( S.N.F.U )

The rich people go there to wine & dine
Stuffing their faces by candlelight
I know this all sounds rather romantic
Only because you haven't passed through the kitchen doors

Behind them lurks the kitchen kreeps
The hidden workers that nobody sees
Grotesque humans like abominations
Infecting food for all the patrons

From the dining room you can't even tell
'Cuz the kitchen kreeps secret is kept so well
But if the customers ever did find out
They'd go running, puking right into their hands

And the call themselves the Kitchen Kreeps:

And they touch your dishes
They touch your cutlery too
But worst of all
They even manhandle your food
And nobody knows what goes on behind closed doors
And nobody ever really knows...

Except the kitchen kreeps...