Letra de Manuela


Letra de Manuela de S.n.f.u
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Letra de MANUELA de S.N.F.U.

( S.N.F.U )

It was high noon, the sun was shinning
Manuel sharpened his blade
He stuck it in the ground
it came out twice as long
Chopped of the end of his leg
Madness sprouted in that garden
Manuel felt strange
Then his mind shifted as the vines twisted
He became quite crazed
The barbed wire fence post,
it felt quite wooden
as he impaled himself on the steel
as the blood ran down, he felt so horrible
reached for the tequila worm and beer
Razor swallowing in that garden
He winced with pain
Like a curse lifted he begged for
but it was too late
Oh Manuel has messed up again...