Letra de Baggage


Letra de Baggage de L7
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Letra de BAGGAGE de L7.

( L7 )

I'm lookin' old today
in a very sort of jaded way
very cynical and hard
weeds all over my yard
i can't remember the summer
it's all a blur, yeah
it's been pilin' high
it's been pilin' up so goddamn high
Now i've got baggage
I'm probably tagged for life
my self-righteous eyes
wanna close the book
it's got nothing to do with the looks
can't keep it together, losing my grip
yeah, i've been sinking down
time to abandon ship
It's hard to swim with baggage
My friends are all strangers
they stopped calling weeks ago
but guilt's a heavy load
it's a very very heavy load
Packed in my baggage