Letra de Nocturnal crucifixion

Dying Fetus

Letra de Nocturnal crucifixion de Dying Fetus
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( Dying Fetus )

Blinding my eyes,
The light of indecency
Exalted demise, morbid complexity
Walking the path, demonic heredity
Reaching the end, it opens before me
Unyielding to the astral powers
I foresee the unknown
Eternally they are chanting
Immortally they are spawning
As I watch they stare at me
A gaze of pure insanity
Immersed in darkness so completely
I find myself alone
Drinking from Ancient Waters
I become one with them
Unholy shrouds
Incantations shower me
Unveiling the secrets to truth
Why I must die
Preach and prophecize
Believers are taught that their
Souls are forgiven
Await the false rebirth
Feeling the pain inside from out
Reliving the past once again
Lascivious lust, I want to believe
Succumb to the horrid disease
Stagnant and old the prophecy told
Undying the books deceive
Forgotten and spent,
Rotting alone
Forever to suffer and grieve