Letra de Grotesque impalement

Dying Fetus

Letra de Grotesque impalement de Dying Fetus
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( Dying Fetus )

I am lost, far from the cross you stand before, filled with lust,
We are all filled with lust, we want this whore, impale your flesh,
Draped in darkness, your guts explode and life has ceased behind your eyes, impalement,
And before, live no more, live no more,
Overcome by fever, malevolent disgrace, wretching with repulsion,
Bleeding from the eyes, fester with redemption, your blood begins to clot,
Clogging the corpulses in your mind, ignoring the pretention, wallow in the rot,
Seven lives have come and gone, the first and the last, and what are we even here for?
Some twisted, mindless game? or is god just playign tricks upon my brain?
The birth of death begins, and with your life it ends, my world emmersed in hate,
Destroy what i creat, deficate, choke on my shit,
Urinate, drown in my piss, godless,
Hater of the world, your mind dwells on the absurd, as i contemplate your horrible demise,
Blood streams down your face, drained... drained of life