Letra de Eviscerated offspring

Dying Fetus

Letra de Eviscerated offspring de Dying Fetus
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( Dying Fetus )

Immortal gods of life, cast into waves, bleed for the maker,
Drowning in his faith, no ressurection, crush the lifeless spawn,
Preview of tomorrow, dying dead, already gone,
Without face or features, the concede, the forgotten word,
Theirs topreach, an exaltation, contract in blood, my life
Is in their hands and i have given up, untold through time, ansestors of the falsity above,
Like ancient candles burning air that we adore, the love, has depleted,
The god, now unseated, i´m declared the devine...
Mangled, godless beings, severed from their life tortured,
Headless angels, falling from the sky demons, raping virgins,
Their atonement denied devine, father damning, exoneration declined...
No! penence for the dead...reborn,
Redemed, expelled from the past a cross will rise, celestial light uncompromised a "netherworld"
We shall create where love is crushed and ruled by hate,
Ascension to the higher plain, such astronomical disdain repentance for life...profane existence...
Sacreligious ways...reprobated minds...you´re sacraficed!
This crucifix chokes my throat, on dying words i spoke, i´m alone,
To myself unknown, born in time, undefined, in their eyes i´m blind