Letra de Patches

Dickey Lee

Letra de Patches de Dickey Lee
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( Dickey Lee )

Patchesdickey lee down by the river that flows by the coal yards.stands wooden houses with shutters torn downthere lives a girl everybody calls patchespatches my darling of old shanty townwe plan to marry when june brought the summeri couldn't wait to make patches my bridenow i don't see how that ever can happenmy folks say no, and my heart breaks insidepatches oh what can i doi swear i'll always love youbut a girl from that place would just bring me disgraceso my folks won't let me love youeach night i cry as i think of that shantyand pretty patches there watching the doorshe dosn't know that i can't come to see herpatches must think that i love her no morei hear a neighbor tellin my fatherhe said a girl name of patches was foundfloating face down in that dirty old riverthat flows by the coal yards in old shanty townpatches oh what can i doi swear i'll always love youit may not be right but i'll join you tonightpatches i'm coming to you.