Letra de Miracle in the making

Cindy Morgan

Letra de Miracle in the making de Cindy Morgan
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( Cindy Morgan )

He kept on living his life over and over
The same regrets everyday of the year
He said "I know I can´t go back
but I can´t move forward"
There´s too much pain that´s holding me here
I can tell by the look in your eyes you don´t think
your worth the time
I guess the bad stuff is easier to hear
after a while

All this time you´re taken
but love will bring your heart back around
Haven´t been forsaken
Caught before your feet hit the ground(yeah)
Don´t be deceived, don´t let your faith be shaken
Cause it´s plain to me
Yeah it´s plain to see
That you´re a miracle in the making

On the edge of a dream
and a stones throw from sorrow
Come from flames to ashes
Ashes to tears
But when the dam finally breaks
and the mirror crashes
There is peace after all of these years

I can tell by the look in your eyes
you don´t see the way from here
But you know Jesus is faith and He´s
Hope, and he´s love, and he´s here


Cast all your cares all your doubts
on his shoulders
He´ll hold you close till the
midnight is over