Letra de Moon days

Cindy Morgan

Letra de Moon days de Cindy Morgan
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( Cindy Morgan )

Sunshine in the afternoon
And the birds were singing a summer tune
As I lingered up to the sky
Well, my eyes they caught such a strange surprise
Something about it just didn´t seem right
I thought you only saw the moon late at night
(Sunshine in the afternoon)
(And the birds were singing a summer tune)

Moon days are hard days, but
Someday we´ll understand it better, yeah
Moon days are dark days, but
I pray that Jesus shines the light of day

In the struggle of daily life
There´s a constant battle of wrong and right
Just when everything looks so nice
There´s a demon wrapping your better side
People trying to find a balance in life
The dark is always trying to push out the light
Hey, hey
(In the struggle of daily life)
(There´s a constant battle of wrong and right)

Well, the future´s looking bright and clear
Though the moonshine lingers in our ears
Oh, but God is smiling ´round the bend
Through the living and trying
His love is still shining
Bring the light of day again