Letra de The promise

Cindy Morgan

Letra de The promise de Cindy Morgan
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( Cindy Morgan )

He walked away and didn´t smile
The man will leave, the boy will cry
To stand out in his freedom
But his freedom hasn´t freed him
And they spoke in faith they prayed their vows
But her broken face is longing now

What about the promise that we made
And the vows we freely made before God
Wonder what he´s thinking of?
The promise, the promise
That we made

The longing heart, the searching soul
Will search and never find a home
´Til Jesus comes and takes control
And He takes the promises that you left behind
And He resurrects the dead to life
But you can run but you can´t hide from your life


Well I know that your heart is aching now
But just let it go and let God turn it
Turn it all around, yeah
Oh, the promise
Oh, the promise
Oh, the promise
That we made