Letra de Free world

Cindy Morgan

Letra de Free world de Cindy Morgan
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( Cindy Morgan )

I can see it in the starry sky
I can smell it on the wind
My tired soul reaches out
And welcomes such a scent from the free world
I am listening for any sound
Not coming from within
I see my spirit soar beyond these chains
To search for what is sent from the free world

The free world
It dances in my mind
Reminding me of peacefulness
And all the things you find in the free world
For a moment in time
It touches me with secret strength
To carry to the free world

I am tasting of this longing
That only prisoners know
I dream of times when time is spent
And I am free to go to the free world

It´s not calling me away ´cause I would go
It´s not teasing me with the things I´ll never ever know
It´s simply waiting for me
Gives me strenth to carry on
In the meantime
In the meantime