Letra de Jamie

Cindy Morgan

Letra de Jamie de Cindy Morgan
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( Cindy Morgan )

Bye, bye, Jamie, where are you going, baby?
Why do you have to run away from the good and the bad?
Mom and Dad, they´re sorry
Things are much different outside of this town
Oh, don´t you think you could just hang around, Jamie?

So he said, "Hello Jamie, mind if I call you baby?
You´ve got the sweetest hazel eyes
That I think I have ever seen
And we could run off and you can be my wife
I´ll paint you a picture of a perfect life, Jamie"

There is a thing called the "Wildfire"
Sometimes it pours you out a bitter cup
I just hope you can find some peace
Before the fire burns you up
Before the fire burns you up
Oh, oh, yeah

So he said, "Bye, bye, Jamie, I´m sure gonna miss you baby
Such a condition deep inside of you
Wish I could´ve made you happy
I wish there was something else that I could do
Oh what in the world will ever satisfy you, Jamie, Jamie, yeah"

What´s it gonna take, Jamie?
Well you need a little
Peace and love from up above, Jamie