Letra de Beauty is the enemy

Cevin Key

Letra de Beauty is the enemy de Cevin Key
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Letra de Beauty is the enemy de Cevin Key.

( CEvin Key )

Oh, you thin insipid lullabies of compliance
do we not see the ripping flesh of countless pretty creatures
when they become the food of my grotesque lust
all bodies require food
it's their right
defiled are they
those who remain at the surface do so at their own peril
those who dive beneath the surface glorify the grotesque
glorify the grotesque
uprooting ugliness to be their heroic standard
ugliness my flag
ugliness my flag
be warned, you are marred
your desperation is disfigured devotion
beauty is the enemy
acceptance of ugliness is the redemption of sanity
there is no beauty, only ugliness
there is no glamour, only ghastly blemish
all romance disfigured
all morals monstrous
all beauty our enemy
they are the elect to whom grotesque things bring only rapture
genocidal chatter
merely nodding
ugliness is a form of genius
Can you hear me out there?
can you hear me out there? do you remember that one?
ok, well, there's your message

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