Letra de A certain stuuckey

Cevin Key

Letra de A certain stuuckey de Cevin Key
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( CEvin Key )

Kill it!
That's always your answer, isn't it?
if it offends you, close the door...
tell someone else to kill it.
So honeybun, any recommendations?
suggestions on how to kill it?
a spoon, maybe?
the hairdryer?
hey! how about a really long straw?
as long as i don't suck too hard, that is!
Kill it!
Maybe it leaves a stain.
tell you what: why don't we go and have coffee somewhere
and by the time we're back, maybe it's gone!
Kill it!
We could move...
this place is a pit anyhow!
the landlord's a nazi!
Imagine. no posessions.
that's what john lennon said...
and you know how much you've always liked john lennon.
Kill it!
There are two of them now...
approximately 2,000 gelatinous eyes
focusing on nobody...nothing in particular.
One of them is dripping down the side of the bed
onto the floor which i had meticulously cleaned only yesterday.
Kill it!
Look, why don't you kill it?
it's always me that has to play the grim reaper...
it's against nature!
live and let live, say i!
we're all god's creatures, goddammit!
Kill it!
one of them is seeping under the door...
and nobody notices.
one of them seems to be fondling the receiver on the phone...
nobody notices.
one of them is dripping into the tv...
nobody notices.
one of them appears to be copulating with the toothpaste...
nobody notices.
Kill it!
Why don't we just burn the place?
nobody's gonna care!
nobody's gonna know who did it!
Kill it!
I don't want to (?) kill it!
You kill it!
Hell, i wouldn't even kill a l'il ol' fly!

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