Letra de Caught in the middle


Letra de Caught in the middle de Cerafim
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Letra de Caught in the middle de Cerafim.

( Cerafim )

Caught in the middle
no one's right or wrong
even though i ask my friends
still i pretend that i could be so strong

i keep on searching
for a reason
i'm looking for that easy way out
is there a place that i can go?
please just let me know
what it's all about

am i losing everything that i've become?
looking at myself i see that i'm the one
who has to live with all the things
that i have done
i'm the one

born without the wings of freedom
caught in the rain
life like the changing season
never quite the same
seems to me
if you run you'll never touch the sky
take the time, close your eyes
and reach inside

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