Letra de Colours of love


Letra de Colours of love de Cerafim
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( Cerafim )

This thing called love that we had forever
has lost its shine with time
because no one stays together
commitment, separation, it's such a fine line
do you believe in love or is it just a waste of time?

it's what you want to know, not what you want to see
with indecision there are endless possibilities
i know you've got to go, but it's time to let you feelings show
define this word we call love, define this word

easy now, grab a hold of your senses
take control of the situation
breaking down, tearing through your defenses
heart and soul is the combination

impressions that we make never seem to stand ground
confessions we forsake always make the world go round
can you imagine the world without love?
can you imagine love without the world?

in your eyes, i see a fire burning
the truth lies in the colours of love
what does it take to get through to you?
how many hearts will break with the colours of love?