Letra de Sides of a different kind


Letra de Sides of a different kind de Cerafim
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( Cerafim )

It's nobody's problem
you're better off just to walk away
there's no real solution
i thought i heard someone say
well, let me ask you a simple question
if that was you would you feel the same?
or would head in a new direction
and learn to carry the flame?

is this love, is it hate, are we testing fate?
or choosing sides of a different kind?
in this world we live in
we all need to have an open mind

and no one hears you
and no one takes the time, anymore
your heart unlocks the door
hey mister, what gives you the right
to pass judgment on the entire human race?
if you're black or white
what does it matter, we're all from the same place?

chorus: repeat

how can we carry on
when you know it's wrong
to choose sides
and in the end my friend
what makes you better than i?

and where do we go from here?
and how can we take control?
there's always a constant fear
that lies deep within our soul

chorus: repeat