Letra de Violet room

Casey Stratton

Letra de Violet room de Casey Stratton
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( Casey Stratton )

From your violet room i see your shadow
from your violet sky i close my eyes
somewhere along the line i beat the devil
we were caught up in a ring of our own disguises
so i run faster than i thought
and there you call our for me
Will wonders never cease to amaze me?
the way i collied with what you need
i pulled you too close
i must learn to let you go
and find my way back to the land of dreams
From the aging dawn there comes a shadow
and from the yellow sand i see my life
parading aroudn through darkened windows
i was caught up in a ring of my own disguises
so i ran further than i thought
and you can't find me
This is where we contemplate,
pontificate existing further
out into the corners of the room
where we're kept hidden
this is where i speculate, articulate
that i am drifting up, slowly up, slowly up

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