Letra de The house of jupiter

Casey Stratton

Letra de The house of jupiter de Casey Stratton
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( Casey Stratton )

I brought you back to life
saw your flesh turn the color of sand
and it still hurts as much this time
as it did when i hit the floor
In kalamazoo i watched you turn off
it was all i could do to lift my eyes up
It wasn't me then
who took you to the edge
and watched you fall
it wasn't me then
testing your desire
by setting fire
to the house of jupiter
You never said "the end"
only spoke to me through mercury
and i escaped the land
made my way toward history
And california kept me silent
and i find it so hard to stay this quiet
And i will never forget the way
i fell toward what you wanted
and seeing your demise was grand
but i still miss your hands
i still miss your hands
And now i'm flashing back
i see your eyes when they were learning me
and the way you held your breath
when i was naming the stars
But the new year brought too many changes
and you grew tired with my obsession with

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