Letra de Weakness shows its seed


Letra de Weakness shows its seed de Brainstorm
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( Brainstorm )

To find myself again,
the walls are closing in
everything i make seems to take
Buried inside you,
strangers i once knew,
when no one would take the blame
I put my trust in you,
pushed as far as i go
and for all reasons
there's only one thing you should know
Never mind the unseen, clouds fill my head
blind without truth in a word
watching over your steps
weakness sows its seed
and i still can't sleep
I'm insane underneath your breath,
who was supposed to feel the shame
it doesn't feel the same
as i feel no pain
there's no choice
better hear my voice
I found escape through dreaming,
have i been this before,
and then came the pouring rain
Feeling the reaching over me,
my black sky
wondering what ever could it be
I try to hide away
there's no shelter to find
i've felt this way before,
so insecure