Letra de Voices


Letra de Voices de Brainstorm
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( Brainstorm )

Only heaven knows
what i'm supposed to be
do i pretend to live again
is there anybody out there
will somebody save me
is there anybody out there
before it's gonna break me
Over and over and over again
i hear those voices
over and over and over again
i'm goin' insane
I hear these voices everywhere
they never dissappear
seems like i'm drowning in illusions
deep down in a hole
there's no way out
i keep on prayin' for a saviour
I'm trapped in a land of confusion
emotions turned to stone
i'm searching for a ray of hope
the answer of all answers
i'm twisted forever
i'm twisted by pain
i don't remember anything that was
feels like i'm rotting away day by day
i'm losin' my mind