Letra de Love is a lie


Letra de Love is a lie de Brainstorm
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Letra de Love is a lie de Brainstorm.

( Brainstorm )

I never really meant to hurt you
it was the only way to keep you be my side
the kiss of death is what i gave you
i know you're never coming back to me
This love was meant to last forever
i took your heart and i took your soul away
You told me we were goin' nowhere
but like a fool i was beggin' you to stay
i know you're lookin' for a new thrill
it was the only reason why you had to die
I'm lookin' up into the sky
i've realized love is a lie
Maybe a kiss before i'm leavin'
'cause time is rolling on and steals the night away
i told you once don't say it's over
be sure i really hate myself for this

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