Letra de But anyway

Blues Traveler

Letra de But anyway de Blues Traveler
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( Blues Traveler )

But anywayblues traveleralbum: live from the fall i lied and told her i loved hershe didn't care but anywayi told her we'd still be friendsand she didn't care but anywayi tried last week for to call hershe wasn't home but anyway i think i'll spend my life alonei really don't care right now, but anyway 1-it's a state of affairs and a state of emotions the kind of thing that you must understand i tell you one thing, you'll tell me another we walk away, maybe even then shake handsi'm quitting cigarette smoking, it's bad for mebut anyway, i don't think the tv was jokingwhen it told me this, but anywaythe newsman said not to sit on strange toilet seatsit's my life he's trying to save, but anywayi found out that i got eye cancertoo many television waves, but anyway(repeat 1)someday an answer will find us, quite a long shotbut anyway, i think the past the past is behind usbe real confusing if not but anywayi put all my hope in tomorrow, it's gonna be greati can tell but anyway i see a new, a new day dawningi like to sleep late, oh, well but anyway(rpt 1)source: cc from late night with letterman (jun. 24)