Letra de Dropping some nyc

Blues Traveler

Letra de Dropping some nyc de Blues Traveler
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( Blues Traveler )

Come on everybody take a trip with us
gonna raise some hell gonna raise a fuss
cost you a dollar if you care to see
so just belly on up and tell me what'll it be
I've got a little something that i don't think you've tried
no need to run, no need to hide
just take a little taste and tell me, what do you see
'cause tonight we're gonna drop a little nyc
Having some fun, well, all of us are
everyone around you's gonna be a star
'cause it's the best and the worst, and it's life out loud
don't mind if i preach; don't wanna get too proud
It's hard to be humble when it's all at your feet
and someday soon, it's gonna leave the street
they say the truth shall set you free
well you're on parole when you're on nyc
2, 3, 4...dropping some nyc
dropping some nyc (dropping some ny)
dropping some nyc (dropping, dropping)
dropping some nyc...