Letra de Operator

Blue System

Letra de Operator de Blue System
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( Blue System )

Baby, if you rule my world
Oh, don´t cry, babe in the rain
Who is talking to my girl
Never trust a good old friend
´cause every night they wanna steal
And every moment, that is real
Oh, my heart, never heal of your love

And the operator said : "40 cents more, or it´s over"
(and that´s no lie)
I´m the biggest fool of all
Will you catch me baby, when i fall
And the operator said: "40 cents more, or it´s over"
(and that´s no lie)
Words are not enough for me
Baby where´s your destiny

Your love shot diamonds from your eyes
Oh, this love is so bizarre
And i´m lonely, secret lies
Oh, this time you´ve gone too far
´cause every night you play a game
And every moment, call your name
Oh, i cry out insane for your love