Letra de Sorry little sarah

Blue System

Letra de Sorry little sarah de Blue System
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( Blue System )

Oh you´re crying like a child that lost his toy
In the shadows of your love
Do you think these tears i cry are tears of joy ?
´cause my tears are not enough
I wanna kiss you, kiss you
I wanna miss you, miss you
I never want to lose your heart
You´ve got the best of me
Come take the rest of me, my love

Sorry little sarah, sarah
I´m waiting for a girl like you
Sorry little sarah, sarah
Dreams come true
Baby, i´m waiting for your call
I´m starring at the wall
Sorry little sarah
Oh, i lose my selfcontrol

Don´t you want me ´cause i´m the losing guy
Oh, don´t take your love to town
Don´t you see the rainbows baby on the sky
Oh, don´t let it get you down
I wanna kiss you, kiss you
I never hurt you, hurt you
And it´s too late to say goodbye
No one can love you more
What are you waiting for my love