Letra de The love song

Blazin Squad

Letra de The love song de Blazin Squad
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( Blazin Squad )

i've got this girl and she's got hold of me,
i think i love her don't want to be free,
try to tell her but why cant she see
that i'm made for her and that
she's made for me,
i try to call her she doesn't reply,
all these questions i want to know why,
all these reasons just please justify
all these feelings inside
i know i can not hide.
[rocky b]
when they lock me up in a station,
you wait till i got probation,
paid bail with no hesitation,
we fought but no vexation,
'dis tings not all penetration,
long time but no agitation,
wouldn't think i'd be in this situation,
me and you perfect formation.
now i never wanna see you cry,
always wanna see you smile,
never gonna let you down,
always gonna be around,
girl you make my world go round,
come on baby you be mine,
never seen u look so fine,
come on baby we got time.
[krazy, flava and melo-d]
i know we belong together,
maybe you could be my lover,
i know we could last forever,
come on baby let me show ya.
[krazy and flava]
i love you,
what you gonna say what you gonna do,
i love you,
i wanna be there i wanna hold you,
i love you,
i wanna see you smile i wanna kiss you,
i love you,
its been your time since i met you.
my hearts broken and its coz of you,
comtemplating don't know what to do,
situation i cannot pass through,
and i won't change my mind as i'm so resolute,
all this waiting is getting me down,
love of life it is you i have found,
my heads spinning it goes round and round
so please let me tell ya just don't make a sound.
girl its your time understand,
do you want me to be your man,
do you remember how this began,
together forever was the plan,
as time went on and time over ran,
we grew stronger we went hand in hand,
through all the past but still we stand,
take it further let our love expand.
girl i knew it from the start,
never gonna be apart,
do you have a blazin' heart,
gonna save the last dance,
never gonna be far,
do you remember fast car,
i remember when you laughed,
do you have to take the path.
[repeat chorus]
girl you mean so much to me,
i know we are just ment to be,
things like this are factual,
cause this love i got is natural.
so girl why you blank me every time i see ya,
but ya still wear the ice gold tings that i brought ya,
on my phone missed calls from your number,
but wait the story gets deeper,
never answer calls when i ring ya,
always get the same old text saying strider i love ya,
tell the truth and stop bein' a hater,
then maybe girl i'll believe ya.
[repeat chorus]
[rocky b]
of all the clubs in all the towns
you had to walk in mine
of all of the girls in all the clubs
you had to look so fine,
of all the sets on all the decks
you had to scream rewind,
i'm so glad that i found you gal
now lady its your time.

[repeat verse to fade]

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