Letra de Reminisce

Blazin Squad

Letra de Reminisce de Blazin Squad
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( Blazin Squad )

reminiscing about the time,
back in the day when you
were mine, wish that i could
press rewind, reminisce
about the time.
Rocky b
chillin wit my clic on da beach,
remember when you walked
by, eyes locked on your cheeks
you just smile, i ran for a few
yards and finally caught up
with, the opening line, wha
gwan love, spent a day
just chillin and talkin, playing and
walking, you and me for two
weeks, just straight falling in
love we had fights in the sand,
kissed in the sea, passionate
nights, on the beach you and
me, rubbing my hands up ya
smooth brown legs, kissing
ya body, from ya toes to ya
head, the memories that i
wanted ot always last, not
the future the present, was
stuck in the past, the best
thing, you didn't know i was
a star, spending late nights
chilling out at the bar, the last
day we had we spent kissing,
talking bout missing, and now
im reminiscing bout you.
Repeat chorus x2
i wish i could reminise, but
it's just a mist of memories, my
thought are deep, engraved
like headstones in cemeteries,
i never dwell in the past, the
pain is too much, i keep my
head in the future, even plan
my lunch, but this one chick
maybe remember bout, how
we used to do those things
yo can mention that, hold up
rewind, to the times when we
loved it was unusual how did
i just find this, was it just luck,
or was it just me, or was i just
down for the, a crazy night
involved us 20 girls in the back
of a truck, 'the back of a
what?' yeah i said the back
of a truck parked on the beach
blocking off the back of the
hut, where we chilled coz back
in the day, we never did much,
made love i never done any
thing of the sort, it's such a
shame how we can't we're
underage, that was then now
i made it to 16 wid my nine
best friends, now im
Repeat chorus x2
got me thinking about ya,
every single day of the week,
what i would do just to have
ya, back here with me,
girl you're my fantasy.
i sit down think back to days
we were alone we were so
warm together missing the
days when we had fun,
but we lost each other now
it's too late, memories of
what's been and gone,
they'll always be in my mind,
i reminisce things that we've
done, i can't give up my love
for you was so true, i can't
stop thinking about ya
dreaming, i don't know what
to do, i reminisce days when
you were mine the days when
you looked so fine, come
back into my arms into my
life coz you should be mine.
Repeat chorus x4 to fade