Letra de On board

Black Messiah

Letra de On board de Black Messiah
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( Black Messiah )

A dark shadow above my soul,
A salty taste on my tongue.
The ground is moving from left to right,
Now it is real, I?m on board...

On board,
I?m on board...

Filled with fear I gaze to the ground,
The planks are made of toenails.
A rotten smell fills the air,
I realize, I?m on board.

On board,
I?m on board...

A leather whip hits my oppressed back,
I fall on my knees and I look up.
An undead face is grinning at me,
?Hey, welcome here, you?re on board?.

On board,
You?re on board.

Dead bodies are moving around me,
They do their work on this ship.
From now I am a part of this crew,
A warrior of death here on board.

On board,
Here on board.
On board,
Here on board.