Letra de The chase

Black Messiah

Letra de The chase de Black Messiah
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Letra de The chase de Black Messiah.

( Black Messiah )

Valhalla was close to fall. The Venir use of magic nearly threw Odin´s host off, but with their very last effort the Æsir could withstand the storm and repel the hostile army. As the Vanir felt that their march on Æsirs´ stronghold would not be crowned with success, they disheartendly began to retreat.
Now it was the Æsirs´ time to chase the Vanir back to their home. Driven by their thirst for revenge. Thor and Tyr lead the Æsirs´ rush on their horses chasing after Njörd and his brothers and come to stop on the top of a small mountain providing a perfect view over Vanaheim.

"Look, Brother. Down their in the valley ?
this must be Vanaheim"

"This is supposed to be Vanaheim? ?
Let´s burn it to the ground!"
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