Letra de The blasphemer


Letra de The blasphemer de Bethzaida
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( Bethzaida )

I am the shadow's darkness
i am the sweetest pain
i am the curse of heaven
i am sweet tender hell
I bring you cold winter
upon the mountains high
but what i crave from you my love
will never satisfy
As nothing stands before me
i leave nothing when i am gone
i come with the cold wind from north
and i always must go on
I bring you nights of passion
between walls made of wood
and when i have to go i whisper
"i thought you understood"
Take comfort as i leave you
one day i will return
continue where we left off
you have so much more to learn
Why is the night so brief ? what we could accomplish in a small eternity,
two in darkness. the sun hidden behind the horizon. forever darkness...