Letra de The outsider


Letra de The outsider de Bethzaida
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( Bethzaida )

"climbing up the tower, i'm on my way to light
escaping from the castle, i've been locked up day and night
have to find my way out, or i will go insane
lust for light is leading me, flowing in my veins
At last i am free... what strange things to see
marble slabs and columns staring at me
i'd better keep to the road this dark night
so i will not be led astray in my search for light"
Voice of fate:"longing for light, you're to find death instead
out from the dark into darkness you're led"
"following the road to a castle in the night
people there are screaming, going insane with fright
what could it be there that scares them so
well... i hope that i'll never know"
Waiting until day-time he sleeps beneath a tree
the wild animals avoid the thing they see
not even the wolves of the forest dare come near
it wakes in them an arcane fear
Looking for water when he wakes up from his dreams
thirsty and dirty he goes looking for a stream
finding a river he sees his mirror image in it
the thing he sees, he knows it is himself
"this is too hard to live with", he cries in desperate tears
recognizing the unearthly fear
drowning himself is the only escape
there is no way to escape your fate