Letra de Dawn (part ii)


Letra de Dawn (part ii) de Bethzaida
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( Bethzaida )

How i miss the cold winter's night,
this spring is not for me
this is the dark season of my soul,
so leave me be
this cold comes from within,
there is no way you can take part
darkness is upon me and there is
frost deep down inside my heart
Darkness, darkness...
how i long for you to caress my cheek,
to touch me with your ice-cold hand
and whisper "light will never be...."
once again we'll walk like lovers,
both together hand in hand
at break of day we'll find our cover,
sheltered by our covenant
But now as light reappears
i walk with you, this is all we share
in tears i cry, we have to part
feel the cold of my loneliness...
Nightfall, i await you,
greet me with your silent wind
in your world i feel at home,
no-one else dares thread here in
let loose the powers within you
and pour down your rain so cold
embrace me with your nothingness,
and at last devour my soul