Letra de Paternal reversal


Letra de Paternal reversal de Bayside
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( Bayside )

Tony, your life´s not over,
but you´ve given up all you lived for.
Put the bottle down and fix the thing you ran from.
Do you say what you really mean?
Are you really how you´re perceived to be?
If the lights go out tomorrow,would you know?

I don´t wanna call your family and tell them to build a coffin,
because their oldest son just overdosed on pills.
You´ve got a red glare in your eyes,
and the sky outside your door´s a blacker blue.
I hate to see what´s become of you.

Tony, it´s just a stick in the spokes.
It´s not too late for you to find your way home,
because your friends are still here,
and your family´s where you left them.
So put on a clear head and try it out for a ride,
because you´re better than this and you can better your life.
You can´t choose your father,
we´re suffering together.


You´re getting closer to the end of your rope.
I never thought you´d let yourself get so cold.
But lately I´ve been thinking about the things I said to you,
and now I need to prove that
I didn´t mean it when I said, that you were dead to me.
You mean the world to me.

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