Letra de Advance letter goodbye


Letra de Advance letter goodbye de Bayside
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Letra de Advance letter goodbye de Bayside.

( Bayside )

Begin my downfall
Cause I met another person
And this time she says that she likes me
And I like her eyes
So in advance for when I fail I wanna say I´m sorry

Without pictures of you
My wallet has never looked so empty before

I want to rub between your thighs
And blow kisses right between your eyes
And take you places that you´ve never been to

You´re way too good for me
Cause I´m cursed with years of failure
And I know I´m bound to bring you down
I guess it´s plain to see
I´m cursed with shredded genes
And shoes too big for my feet

You´ll forget the boy you left behind
And forget you ever made him cry
You won´t care you lost your biggest fan
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