Letra de Imaginary music

Barren Cross

Letra de Imaginary music de Barren Cross
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( Barren Cross )

Imagine you are standing on a stage
in another time, in another age.
they begin to cheer at the sound of your guitar
out of control, rock'n'roll, you are a star
Midnight, warrior, like a dream, wake up!
Fifty million fans, they know your name
they all love you so, that's why they came.
you'll never have the time to spend all the money you earn.
you 're running too fast, remember the past, when will you learn.
all night warrior, like a dream
things aren't what they seem to be, and there's no end as far as you can see
imaginary music, hang on so you don't lose it
imaginary music, it's power, don't abuse it
Imagine you 're standing on a stage
and the beams of light surround you like a cage
trapped inside a dream from down below
you think you've got it all, what you don't know