Letra de Heaven or nothing

Barren Cross

Letra de Heaven or nothing de Barren Cross
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( Barren Cross )

I've often heard about a place so far away
no man has ever lived to tell about it
but as i look into your face and see the beauty from above i just don't doubt it
if being with you is like the heaven i know
then there s no other place i would rather go
Give me heaven
heaven or nothing
there s no other feeling like it in this world
(please give me) heaven or nothing
all the earthly love that i've known has left me in the cold
we will walk together on streets made of gold
give me heaven or nothing
You are the woman, too good to be true
like a dream or a fairy tale, just me loving you
i know that we will live forever
in a castle in the sky, in the land of never
If being with you is like the heaven i know
then there 's no other place that i would rather go
How could it be that love has conquered all
when i hold you in my arms i hear the angels call
and now i see no other pace will do
'cause i'm in heaven when i'm standing next to you