Letra de Midnight son

Barren Cross

Letra de Midnight son de Barren Cross
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( Barren Cross )

I wasn't feelin' to well- a little hotter than hell
and it was right about the midnight hour
saw a fisherman - he put his catch in my hand
my soul was shaken just like lightning and thunder
i saw a look in his eyes. it burned a hole in my mind
the son was rising, it was midnight baby
i felt a surge in me, down to my knees, shakin' me
all night, my heart was really crying i've been on my own
midnight, broken love had found me, now i'm goin home
midnight son - you're the light that surrounds me alone in the dark
midnight son
midnight son - you're the comfort that warms in the midnight hour
midnight son
midnight son
Check my pulse and you'll see - just what has happened to me
my blood is running like a mile-high river
you brought me to my knees - you dropped me heaven's keys
when it's open wide i'm gonna take a ride to ya
the things l thought were just fine have escaped my mind
the point of no return has just been burned