Letra de Killer of the unborn

Barren Cross

Letra de Killer of the unborn de Barren Cross
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( Barren Cross )

Lay her down, commence to drill
a primo murder, the legal kill
i am a child about to die
my mother does not hear my cry, no
killers of the unborn, killers
killers of the unborn, stop the killing
Injection starts to work its way
i don't feel love, i just feel pain
i'm getting weaker, my poison blood
and death surrounds me like a flood
The operation is over
i'm now in pieces in a garbage bag
guilt will now take over
'cause where is the relief you thought you had
the shame and tears she bears
the scar of guilt she is going to wear
but he can forgive her
if she gives her life to the saviour
no, no, they're gonna kill me
i don't want to die, just let me be
no, no, i feel the pain
i feel, i feel the pain, no.