Letra de Lonely hearts

Aviad Cohen

Letra de Lonely hearts de Aviad Cohen
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( Aviad Cohen )

This is for the lonely hearts
Who haven´t found their special someone
Praying to God for perfect will
That He will send that someone soon
This is for the lonely hearts
Looking around but finding no one
Wondering when that day will come
When the two shall become one

To all the lonely hearts out there
There´s only One who
Will make you whole
Trying to fill that hole in your heart
With someone else will never work
To all the lonely hearts out there
Thinking a vow will make it better
It hasn´t ever there is an answer
Only One can make you whole

Have you met the King of kings
Laid His life down for your transgressions
When you ask Him for forgiveness
He will cast your sins aside
Your Salvation your Yeshua
Thank You Yahweh for Messiah
He is your Groom you are His bride
Now you can have eternal life

Now that you know that Someone Special
Who will fill that empty space
Will you love Him and live for Him
Let no other take His place
Reach out for Him He´ll never fail you
He will catch you when you fall
Will always love you like no other
He´s the greatest Love of all