Letra de For his glory

Aviad Cohen

Letra de For his glory de Aviad Cohen
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( Aviad Cohen )

I live for His glory
His Word is no story
When I fell You saved me
Yeshua Lord you forgave me

Why do my brothers not see
Lord why are they blind
The chosen have walked away from You
Since back in time
I pray that You´ll change their hardened hearts
Maybe today
And one Jew will recognize Your Truth
And walk in Your ways


How did the sheep get lost in the field
Mislead by fools
The wolves in the sheep´s clothes made up laws
Ungodly rules
I pray that they´ll reach out to His Son
And come out of chains
?Cause the Truth shall set them free at last
To know the King yeah who reigns


Look at me Abba I´m in love
In love with You
And all of my brothers sisters here
We´re keepin? it True Jew
However You´ll change the hearts of man
Is all in Your hands
Whatever will be will be through You
The One with the plans