Letra de In a different light


Letra de In a different light de Avalon
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Letra de In a different light de Avalon.

( Avalon )

Don't cry for me
No, i've never been one to shoulder the weight of the world
'cause i believe
This is here and it's now, but it's not my home
There's a hope beyond what my eyes can see
And there's a place that he's preparing for me

Nothing's gonna keep us here
We'll go a different way
It'll be all right
From the other side we'll see it clear
On a different day
In a different light

Don't be afraid
Of the twists and the turns of the road that we're on, just believe
There'll come a day
When our faith turns to sight, and we'll see his face

While we're here the heartache's hard to ignore
So for now, we'll keep our eyes on the lord


Though for now, we see things dimly
There's a voice that speaks within me
Leading me to a different light
In a different way (in a different way)
In a different light

Chorus 4x

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