Letra de Always have, always will


Letra de Always have, always will de Avalon
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( Avalon )

Part of me is the prodigal
Part of me is the other brother
But i think the heart of me
Is really somewhere between them
Some days i'm running wild
Some days we're reconciled
But i wonder all the while
Why you put up with me, when...

I wrestle most days
To find ways to do as i please

I always have, i always will
You saved me once, you save me still
My longing heart, your love alone can fil
You always have, always will

I was born with a wayward heart
Still i live with a restless spirit
My soul is so well worn
You'd think i'd have arrived by now
I'm caught in the trappings of
My search for lasting love
I've made mistakes enough
To last me a lifetime

I still slip, i still fall
But i'll always run back to you


I'm gonna keep trusting you
I see what you've seen me through
I'm goin' where you have gone (yeah)
I'm letting you lead me on
All my days (always and forever)
Never far (never leave me never)
Here i'll stay (ever love me ever)
Here's my heart
I'll always love you, love you (yeah)

Chorus 2x

Oh, you always have, you always will