Letra de Death-mutation-disease-annihilation


Letra de Death-mutation-disease-annihilation de Atomizer
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( Atomizer )

To gods of war
to gods of death
a sacrifice we offer you
three black hearts
who walk the earth
your bidding is what we do
collecting souls
for experiments
Can your system sustain this?
mutant germs
coursing through your veins
you won't believe what manifests
We offer death, disease, mutation, annihilation
we'll give you death, disease, mutation, annihilation
we'll bring you death, disease, mutation, annihilation
our gift is death, disease, mutation, annihilation
To mix and match
human artifacts
attempting to mutate beast and man
can one create such a mutant race?
of mythological design
A pinch of this
a touch of that
it's crude but it should do the job
the rising of such a hybrid race
not quite what your god had in mind

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