Letra de Unit 731


Letra de Unit 731 de Atomizer
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Letra de UNIT 731 de ATOMIZER.

( Atomizer )

Let the nightmares begin
genocide and the unit 731
bio warfare and the unit 731
with liquid sprays
and syrums in your veins
and flea bomb raids
and genetic plagues
through poisoned air
a virus to be aware
plague and tetanus
and tuberculosis
a human test subject
is what we'll use
for the 731
There's many to choose
in shinjuku
that's where your body was found
not buried deep
or far underground
near ishil's labs
no not far away
families grieved
but it was swept away
yes human test subjects
are what we'll use
for the 731
there's many to choose
to probe and abuse
infect and infuse