Letra de Non existent equilibrium


Letra de Non existent equilibrium de Astarte
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Letra de Non existent equilibrium de Astarte.

( Astarte )

In the existence of time the undefeated armies
of the primordial keeper of reason and faith.
time present and time past
are both present in time future.
the divinely grace faunus, father of evolution,
dethrones the mankind equilibrium
Devoted to the unbitted threats,
for errings the homicide of spreading growth over time.
still, the virtuous of vivid aspects
shall frame the dying status of tomorrow.
the sense faints, picturing powerless level.
mightest universe reborn the
awaken chaos.
mass generations will shift in torture.
the prophecies of chaos and justice
will never meet at once.
the wisdom of equality
shall never roar up from the earth

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